The National Conventions

During the past two weeks I have watched both the Republican and Democratic Conventions as an Independent voter willing to be convinced by one side or the other. In general, I have to say that not much has changed from my previous posts on the positions of the candidates. Sec. Clinton re-iterated the positions that […]

Social Security Retirement (OASI)

  1.1 OBJECTIVE Currently, US Social Security program payouts slightly exceed income. The difference must be drawn from the Social Security Trust Fund. Projections indicate that this problem will only get worse under current rules. The objective is to determine which rules should be changed in order to insure that the program remains financially viable […]

Mass Murder

This week’s murder of policemen in Dallas is random only in terms of the location. It could have occurred in any city in the country. The potential as been building for years The victims were members of a cultural group (The Law Enforcement Community) that has received wide negative publicity in the media during the […]