The National Conventions

During the past two weeks I have watched both the Republican and Democratic Conventions as an Independent voter willing to be convinced by one side or the other.

In general, I have to say that not much has changed from my previous posts on the positions of the candidates.

Sec. Clinton re-iterated the positions that have been posted on her website for some time. I did notice that she was a bit more specific as to how she intends to accomplish her plans within a balanced budget. Basically she will raise taxes. I suspect that they will attempt to re-instate the tax levels which were in force during the later 90’s which did produce a booming economy AND a balanced budget. Personally, I could live with that. It is obvious that there have been changes in the party platform to put greater emphasis on the economic equality issue but I have not yet found an official copy of the final version.

The Republican Convention was almost devoid of any policy statements. All I got was rudeness, bombast and emotional appeals to solve problems that either do not exist or need not exist. I did not find any significant changes to the party platform.


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