Mass Murder

This week’s murder of policemen in Dallas is random only in terms of the location. It could have occurred in any city in the country. The potential as been building for years

The victims were members of a cultural group (The Law Enforcement Community) that has received wide negative publicity in the media during the past two years.

The perpetrator was influenced to act by an opposing cultural group. (“Black Lives Matter”).

Unfortunately, we have no widely accepted peaceful process or system for opposing cultural groups such as these to work out their differences. We know the differences exist. We are aware of the potential for violence yet all we seem able to do is take positions and argue.  We need a peaceful process for dealing with this type of social conflict.

We are a very diverse nation and we are becoming more so. We do not have a common culture any more. I’m not sure we ever did. As long as there was plenty of land we could spread out and get away from each other. That is no longer true. We are forced to live in relatively close proximity but we have not developed the social, political, legal, … process(es) that will enable us to do so in peace.

As long as there were plenty of other resources such as fresh air, clean water, affordable food, affordable housing, we have found ways to avoid serious conflicts. However, as these resources continue to shrink, conflicts between the various subcultures that are developing in our midst will occur with increasing frequency and violence. It has been happening in the Middle East for decades, even for centuries. We need those tools!

Meanwhile we will probably fritter away our opportunity to evolve in a meaningful way while we argue about gun control vs. gun rights. I hate to corroborate the NRA’s position but it’s not the guns.  IT’S US!



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