Candidate Positions on Unemployment

Since the 2012 Presidential elections, the unemployment picture has changed significantly. It is now at about 4.7% which is relatively low. My position on this issue is stated in the abstract of my study at . Very briefly, my position is that unemployment is not currently a crisis that needs immediate action. However, the data that came out during the recent crisis does indicate that we need to do a better job of preparing our young people for employment in the crafts and technical jobs rather than assuming that everyone should pursue a career in the professions.

I have checked the website of the three presumed presidential candidates to determine their positons on this issue.

Hillary Clinton’s website at lists several positions which do not refer specifically to unemployment as an issue but which certainly advocate programs which will have a positive effect on the demand for labor and the supply of qualified workers. These positions include: Workforce skills and job training, Manufacturing, Labor and workers’ rights, and Fixing America’s infrastructure. My only reservation is; “Can this be done within a balanced budget?”

Donald Trump’s website at  mentions U. S. employment and wages in his position paper titled “U. S. China Trade Reform”. However, the paper is a collection of generalities, criticisms of China, threats that can’t be carried out etc. so my conclusion is that he really doesn’t have a position on employment/unemployment.

The Johnson/Weld (Libertarian candidates) website at takes on the issue under the heading: “Creating Jobs for All Americans”. It’s certainly an exciting title but beyond the title it’s the usual Libertarian pitch – “It’s not the government’s job”.




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