Candidate Positions on U.S. Economic Inequality

In the lead up to 2016 elections the subject of Economic Inequality has become an issue. My position on this issue is stated in the abstract of my study at  It does not reach any conclusions as to the appropriate distribution of either wealth or income but it does discuss existing distributions and their possible social, economic, or political impacts. My preliminary conclusions are that 1) We do have equal economic opportunity and significant public assistance for those who need it in order to take advantage of that opportunity. 2) We do have significant inequality of outcomes in both income and wealth. The level of inequality is greater today than it has been in the past 4 decades but not greater than it was before that. During these past 4 decades we have made significant advances in Technology and Finance but some of those advances have unintended consequences which require adjustments in other spheres of our cultural evolution.

I have checked the website of the three presumed presidential candidates to determine their positons on this issue.

Hillary Clinton’s website at lists the following position under the Heading “Raising Incomes and Fighting Inequality”. general the various changes that she proposes to make are headed in the right direction. My only reservation would be, How much are these moves going to cost in total and what is the net effect going to be on the deficit and debt?

 Donald Trump’s website at  doesn’t really have a position on income inequality. There is a plan on tax reform but as best I can tell, it will only increase the current inequality of both income and wealth.

The Johnson/Weld website at doesn’t mention income inequality and as far as I can tell, his plan to change the tax laws will only increase the current inequality of both income and wealth.



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