Candidate Positions on Gun Violence

The recent mass murder in Orlando has brought the subject of violence, particularly gun violence back into the media consciousness. My position on this issue is stated in the abstract of my study at which concludes that the current short term moves by the Obama Administration make sense and should be implemented with the cooperation of congress. Congress isn’t likely to cooperate so we should do as much as we can through executive order. As a long term solution we should revise the second amendment to the constitution, not to remove the right of ownership but to define the related responsibility.

I have checked the website of the two presumed presidential candidates to determine their positons on this issue.

Hillary Clinton’s website at lists the following position.

Gun Violence Prevention  Her planned moves make sense to me. I’m not sure how they can be accomplished or what compromises may be necessary in the process but the goals make sense. They address both the problem of Random Mass Murder and the problem of Gang Related Gun Violence.

Donald Trump’s website at  lists the following position.

Second Amendment Rights  The first thing I notice is that he doesn’t address the problem of the misuse of guns or the responsibilities of gun ownership but jumps directly to gun rights as if guns have some God given right to exist and people have some God given right to own them.

Rights and responsibilities are determined by Society. In our society, we have historically considered gun ownership a right and haven’t said much about the related responsibilities. I don’t see any need to change the rights but we DO have to put more emphasis on the responsibility in terms of education, training, and liability as we have with motor vehicles.




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